Painted Ponies 2023 in The Sway 


Grab your naayyyybors, friends, and family because Carolina Horse Park’s Painted Ponies have migrated back to Downtown Southern Pines for the winter. These fiberglass beauties are painted by local artists, sponsored by local businesses, and will be on display up and down Broad St. from February 4 to April 5.

We complied a sneak peek couch tour of all 14 ponies complete with their names, picture, and sponsors. In case you find viewing them from your linen steed—our fav place to appreciate them from, particular in pjs and with a family sized bag of Doritos in hand—isn’t doing the experience justice we also included their location.

Young at Heart

Location: The Country Bookshop, 140 NW Broad St.
Artist: Darlene Ivey
Sponsors: Attorneys Title, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Pinehurst Realty Group

Breathe Wings

Location: Eye Candy Gallery and Framing, 275 NE Broad St.
Artist: Darlene Ivey
Sponsor: Glenda Kirby, The Amazing Grace Farm

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Pine Straw Magazine 2020 Ponies 

Between the Ears
Artist: Darlene Ivey
Sponsor: English Riding Supply

“My mom is an artist; she taught me how to draw, and I’ve always been into horses, so that’s what I learned to draw,” says Darlene Ivey. Thankfully, she had plenty of support that helped to take her artwork far. When Ivey was in high school, her dad encouraged her to make and sell paintings. This eventually led to commissions. Roll all of that together, and that’s how Ivey ended up here: an equestrian apparel rep and the artist of Between the Ears.

Her painted pony is the merger of the horses in her life; they’re joined into a sort of visual equestrian calendar, consisting of four tableaus, one for each season. The winter scene shows a lakeside horse ride, while the spring is a glimpse into horse show season. Summer is a ride on the beach that ultimately ends up in the ocean waves and, on this, Ivey comments, “A lot of horse people don’t ride on vacation, but I always try to.” The fourth and final scene represents fall, and it depicts the treasured foxhunts of Moore County. All four tableaus come from photographs Ivey has taken, and they’re layered over a palomino background.

Ivey elaborates on the horse at the center of it all, “My palomino Lacey was my childhood horse. My dad got her when she was 3, and she passed at 26. Most of my life she was with me.” Thanks to Between the Ears her spirit still is.


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Rooted in Horses:

  • Artist: Darlene Ivey
  • Sponsors: BB&T now Truist and Cabin Branch Tack Shop
  • Location 220 SW Broad St. (in front of BB&T)

Ponies in the Pines

  • Artist: Darlene Ivey
  • Sponsor: English Riding Supply
  • Location: 130 SW Broad St. (in front of Broad Street Bakery)


Carolina Horse Painted Ponies Auction a “Whinny!” - Sandhills Sentinel

The Painted Ponies had to be carried into artists’ studios and homes, many with stairs, and “they are heavy,” Rosenberg said about him and his son being the ones to transport the artwork to and from each location.

Between the Ears by artist Darlene Ivey. (Photo by Diane McKay Photography)

“I want to thank everyone who made it possible, businesses and the artists who volunteer their time to enhance the equestrian community, which was our goal,” Rosenberg said.

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