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#60 Affection Pack of 10 Greeting Cards (standard envelopes) (US & CA)

#60 Affection Pack of 10 Greeting Cards (standard envelopes) (US & CA)

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A pack of 10 beautiful greeting cards with envelopes. Perfect for any occasion. We recommend to use the semi-glossy or glossy options if you are to offer greeting cards with photos or images in them primarily. For text-heavy cards such as wedding invitations and thank you notes we recommend matte paper as it is often used to create a more luxurious or professional feeling. Standard envelopes are included.

Minimum quantity: 1 pack of greeting cards

Printed on demand

Affection  is the 60th painting in my 5 am collection of paintings and was completed at 8:37 am on March 19th 2024. 

This is a special collector's edition limited numbered print. Each print will be hand signed my the artist , number and include a certificate of authenticity. 

What is the 5am collection? This collection of work started as my commitment to paint each day. After I read the book the 5 am club, where my biggest that away was to set time aside in the morning for yourself. Yes, sometimes I am up at 5 am painting other times it just the starting point of my day. All of the 5 am Paintings have the time of morning they were completed. They are all dated but I didn't start adding the day until February. Each painting has a number assigned to it giving it its order in the collection. I'm going to finish this series at painting 66. Another 5am club take-a-way.

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